14'L x 7-1/2'W x 4"D (actual size) x 13'L x 6-1/2'W 4"D (usable size, due to flange) Consists of two half mats permanently bolted together

Full Size Mat

7-1/2'L x 7-1/2'W x 4"D (actual size) x 6-1/2'L x 6-1/2'W x 4"D

(usable size, due to flange)

Half sections may be used to create straight edges as desired and allow for more options in site design and transportability.

Half Size Mat

Material Composition

Each MegaDeck mat is manufactured using the highest quality virgin HDPE, with special impact modifiers and fillers to accommodate thermal expansion, incorporate UV resistance, add anti-static properties and provide tremendous strength.

Connection System

Connection system consists of a self aligning locking mechanism

System that connects the overlapping flange from adjacent mats, allowing

sections to bear tremendous weights. An ultra-secure connection between your MegaDeck panels is achieved with a simple twist of a standard hex key. All lock components are made from heavyduty cast aluminum that will not rust, break or corrode.

Built for a solid foundation for your heavy equipment.

Our selection of high-grade timber maximizes the strength, performance of our 10X Industrial Mats. Optimum uniformity and durability. We provide a variety of high-quality access mats & will work with you to ensure you have the right product for the job.


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